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Valuations and analyses are our business.
Qualified independent industrial consultants and valuers.

Come to us in confidence.


Our clients are insurance companies, insurance brokers, auditors, independent claims adjusters, banks, lawyers, local authorities, companies, and industries.

Member of the SBR Consultant group, Företagarna and the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Sometimes involved parties can not agree and external, independent expertise is needed; qualified help in specific projects and investigations to clarify finances, engineering, responsibility etc.

We carry out qualified, independent analyses and investigations for different purposes.

  • Actuarial investigations
  • Claims investigations
  • Property taxation analyses and declarations
  • Physical inventory of fixed assets, maintenance objects and insured objects
  • Compilation and analysis of databases for fixed assets and reporting, depreciation, calculations, objects insured, and insured value
  • Documentation for net asset and company valuations
  • Book-keeping analyses
  • Under-insurance adjustment
  • Listing and analysis of damaged and undamaged property
  • Financial and technical database handling systems


There are many occasions when fixed assets, property and buildings need to be valued, and it is very important that such valuations are made independently and professionally.

We have extensive experience of valuation and inspection for different purposes, and are wholly independent.

  • Valuations for insurance purposes
  • Fixed asset valuations
  • Industry valuations
  • Valuations of machinery
  • Market valuations
  • Property valuations
  • Damage assessment
  • Property tax valuations
  • Follow-up damage assessment
  • Actuarial valuations
  • Industrial fittings valuations
  • Cost calculations for new buildings and plant